I have long been fascinated by the old wads of gum stuck to the cement and have been meaning to photograph each interesting accretion from an oblique angle. As I walk around the campus where I work, encountering hundreds, if not thousands of the cracked micro-mounds, I can't help but wonder about the history of each incident, as if each discarded, stale piece of gum was thrust upon the cement like a meteor striking the earth from the heavens above, except instead of leaving an impact crater, subtracting from the landscape, the gum becomes an addition, gradually collecting dirt and other matter, hardening in the sun and freezing in the rain. I used two cameras to create this series, one that I had built for another purpose only to discover that it worked really well for this series, and another I built specifically for this series. One has a very wide angle while the other works almost like a telephoto. 



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