Recent Compositions from the Interior Cube Camera

These are a couple of the compositions I'm making with the negatives from the Interior Cube Camera that I took to Florence with me (see previous post).  I'm printing them digitally, 24" on the short side. I will post more as I compose more.


Interior Angle Cube Camera

So, it's a good thing I brought a backup camera. This little guy was a curiosity I built sometime earlier this year and hadn't used much until now. My stellated dodecahedron camera has proven to be very finicky. It's a camera I'll have to figure out another time, though it has yielded some isolated acceptable results. This camera, however, has given me some great shots. I built the stand while here (previously, it was sitting on one face, making it difficult to use as a camera sitting in one spot and exposing all six faces). 


Stellated Dodecahedron Camera

As part of my "creative research," I have designed and built a camera to use during my month in Florence, Italy. It has twelve film planes, all in the shape of a pentagon. Each film plane gets five exposures from symmetrical angles. I have only tested one module before putting the camera together, but it seems like it worked, so I don't have any worries going forward. I should be able to start using the camera this week, about half-way through my stay in Florence. I'm thinking that prominent architecture will be the subject matter. Just something to keep it cohesive.