Vertebrae Animation No. 2

This is the second video from the 3D/4D camera. Approximately 42 seconds. It would run on a loop in a gallery setting along with other videos from the series. More to come, including the first sculptural interpretations.


Tetrahedron Camera

Each month in Nacogdoches, the Friends of the Visual Arts group screens an art film at the Cole Art Center. It happens on the first Friday. Various entities sponsor the film each month. This past July (2012), the SFA School of Art sponsored the screening of a film called Between the Folds, a documentary about origami. I was asked to introduce the film at the event, which I agreed to do. As the date drew nearer, I realized that the heat and humidity of an East Texas summer was driving me insane, and that I had to leave town for higher altitudes, specifically Colorado and Utah. So I made a video to act as my proxy. This is the video. Runtime is five minutes, 25 seconds. No music was harmed during the production of this video.


Camera Dissection

Someday, I'm going to make a camera with a lens, a shutter, and variable f-stops. Probably the hardest part is the shutter. This is the mechanism for a shutter on an Ansco Shur Shot Jr. I recorded the video at 60 fps and was able to time the shutter using the Photoshop animation timeline. It's a pretty accurate 1/30th of a second (the lens was visible for two frames, each lasting 1/60th of a second).