Pinhole Cameras

Geodesic Dome Camera. First constructed in 2005, this is an ongoing project. The dome comprises 26 cameras, each with four, five, or six exposures, culminating in 130 photographic marks. I use these marks in compositions that reflect the structure of the dome. The diameter of the dome is 9' and it stands 4.5' tall.

Introverted Simultaneous Panorama Camera (InSimPanCam). 2010. This camera exposes 11 images on a roll of 120 mm film, all angled toward the center of the camera.

Extroverted Simultaneous Panorama Camera (ExSimPanCam). 2009. This camera exposes 12 images on a 12 exposure roll of 35 mm film.

Cube Camera. 2008. One of my most used cameras mainly because of it's compact size, the cube camera has six chambers described by connecting the eight outer corners of the cube with the interior center point of the cube (called the "central angle" in geometry). The six corresponding film planes are folded, and exposed in three dimension which then distort when flattened and printed.

Icosahedron Camera. 2007. The Icosahedron camera is made from 20 tetrahedrons. The film plane of each tetrahedron is folded and exposed in three dimensions, then flattened, creating distortions in printing.

Stellated Dodecahedron Camera v. 2. 2012. This camera has twelve pentagonal film planes, each receiving five exposures. The original version of this camera was too small, making exposure unpredictable and unforgiving.

InSimPanCam v. 2. 2011. Forty-two exposures on a 36 exposure roll of 35 mm film. I typically use this camera to make stop frame animations of found vertebrae of dead animals.

Octahedron Camera. 2006. Eight exposures on eight truncated equilateral triangles.

Tetrahedron Camera. 2012. Three folded film planes with two exposures each.
Decahedron Camera (open). 2013. One hexagon folded into a dimensional pentagonal film plane. Five exposures. 

Extended Cube Camera version 2. 2013. Six square film planes.

Extroverted Simultaneous Panorama Camera 2 (ExSimPanCam2). 2013. Three 4x5" films. 

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